HDR Bakersfield photos

While on Safari in Bakersfield last weekend, I stuck my head in the optical viewfinder of my new long telephoto lens for some fun Bird photographs. One thing that lent itself to the quality of those bird images was the quality of light. I took the chance with my new, smaller Olympus camera with its wide angle pancake lens to take a stab at some HDR images.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did when tweaking the levels of tones in these sandwiched images to make some beyond realistic compositions.

If you didn’t already realize it you can click on these images. They will take you to my Flickr page where you can see even bigger versions.



Most of my bird photographs were taken in this drying wetland pictured from a much wider angle in the photo below:





There is a lot going on in this image I made below with my larger telephoto lens.

  • Oil pump bobbing up and down,
  • Winds blowing a dust storm in the background,
  • Carrot harvesting in the mid ground,
  • Tumbleweeds on the right,
  • A field of carrots ready to harvest in the foreground,

This is the industry of Kern County:
This is Kern County


I know I live somewhere where it rarely rains and we hardly ever see clouds. But I could look at these images for a long time.

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