My new favorite camera bag: Domke F6

Domke F6 Little Bit Smaller
Nice solid clips

I am pretty good at finding almost anything on the internet. Chances are, if I am going to be involved, was involved or am thinking about becoming involved in something — I have looked it up online.

I searched the internet for hours — not hyperbole here — looking for a Domke bag that would fit a 7D, 50D, 40d…. any of that family of camera with the battery grip attached and a 16-35mm f2.8 lens attached.

I couldn’t find a single image. There were lots of close bags. but not the F6 with my requiremets.

The closest I found was a forum of photographers talking about which Domke they recommended and photos of cameras placed lens-down body-back up in several types on domke bags. I would never feel safe toting a camera around like that.

Domke F6 Little Bit Smaller
Just about as wide as a full-sized computer keyboard

I have had the Domke j2 ballistic bag for the past seven years and still love that bag, but it was a little too big. I rarely used the side pockets unless i was traveling. I also wanted something a little less black and a little less camera bag looking.

So I went for the olive-colored Domke F6, also known as the Little Bit Smaller Domke. I packed it up with my 7D with a battery grip and a 17-40mm lens (still waiting on my filter from B&H after having to return my other mis-order. )

And now for the photo which I spent hours scouring the intarwebs.

Domke F6 Little Bit Smaller
7D with a battery grip and 17-40mm lens attached in a Domke F6: From the top.

What is in the bag?: 7D with batterygrip and 17-40mm on its side. 100mm f2.8 with hood stored vertically. 530exII flash in case, stored vertically. 50mm prime stored upright. Zipper front case has charger, small rocket air cleaning kit. The inside top zipper has the manuals for the 7D and the flash, along with a few compact flash cards (hence the square-looking nature of the top of the bag when closed.

Domke F6 Little Bit Smaller

In all it is a great bag, malleable yet protective. Padded bottom but canvas sides. It seems to be just what I was looking for.