Touring an Olive Oil Farm in Paso Robles

California’s Central Coast is rife with wineries. But for those of us who are not fans of wine, there are still unique ways to learn about food and beverages manufactured and grown in the central Coast.

Friday, as part of a team building experience we made our way to Kiler Ridge Olive Farm. It was a great learning session, both about the state of the country’s olive oil industry, California’s olive oil farms.

I look forward to returning to Kiler Ridge, perhaps during their harvest season, said to be in November, to see some of the processing in action.

Oh, and to pick up some of that delicious Olive Oil.

Kiler Ridge Olive Oil Orchard and Processing

Kiler Ridge Oilve Oil processing tour

Kiler Ridge Settling and Storage Tank

Kiler Ridge Bottling Line

Kiler Ridge Olive Oil Tasting

Kiler Ridge Olive Orchard Patio Sunset

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